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Emerald Environmental Technologies Ltd. provide quick and effective asbestos removal & transport at a competitive price.

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Emerald Environmental Technologies Ltd.

Emerald Environmental Technologies Ltd. deliver an efficient, professional asbestos removal service to our customers Nationwide. We have over four decades of experience in asbestos removals and have invested in cutting-edge technology allowing us to provide a removal service that is both fast and effective. We have a strong reputation for our professionalism and reliability, always strictly adhering to the relevant quality and health and safety standards. No case is the same and we carefully assess each building before we begin our work in order to deliver the most appropriate solution.

Emerald Environmental Technologies Ltd. are fully insured and licensed to carry out asbestos removal works, including the removal of thermal insulation and cement roofing, suspended ceiling tiles, artex coating and vinyl flooring. We have also received certification from the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA).

Emerald Environmental Technologies Ltd. pride ourselves on our professional, reliable asbestos removal and transport service. Call us for a free quote.

What Is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a dangerous substance which was commonly used in buildings as insulation and for fire proofing, before its damaging properties became known. Damaging fibres from asbestos can be released into the air and inhaled which leads to asbestos-related diseases such as cancer. Despite its prohibition, many older buildings are still found to contain traces of asbestos which need to be carefully removed. If you find asbestos in your building you should notify Emerald Environmental Technologies Ltd. immediately, we will ensure the asbestos is properly taken care of.

Asbestos containing materials (ACMs) can be categorised between those which require HSA notification and those which don’t require HSA notification. In both cases, it is still necessary to have the ACMs professionally removed under HSA guidelines. When asbestos removal works are being carried out under controlled conditions they are subject to a notification period to the HSA of 14 days. Emerald Environmental Technologies Ltd. will always submit the relevant notifications before carrying out any asbestos removal works.

Deep Cleaning To Prevent Covid-19

As part of our environmental works already being carried out which include asbestos removal, mould removal and lead paint removal as well as a full asbestos collection and disposal service we would now like to also offer a deep cleaning service for the prevention of the corona virus. We feel we have the necessary skills to carry out such work as our work with mould removal and indeed asbestos removal require a very thorough cleaning process. We will use envirosafe cleaner which we use to fog areas for a very deep clean removing any bacteria’s and viruses(This includes Covid 19)Envirosafe has been passed and approved to hold the EN14476 Virucidal Test rating, this is the first product known in the UK to pass and be approved for use with sanitising COVID 19 

It is Anti-virus, Anti-Bacterial, and Anti-fungal and is rated to the following log kill standards:

  • Anti-bacterial EN1276 log kill6=99.9999%

  • Anti-Viral EN 14476 log kill 4.33 =99.99%

  • Anti-Fungal EN1650 log kill 6=99.9999%

We now offer this service nationwide and on all premises from schools to doctors surgeries, offices, shops, businesses and offer daily, weekly or one off services. If you require any further information please contact us and we will be happy to help.

If you find asbestos anywhere in your property don’t hesitate to contact Emerald Environmental Technologies Ltd., we provide a fast and efficient removal  and transport service.

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Emerald Environmental Technologies Ltd.

Very professional job done by them, extremely well priced and a great clean up job done by them. Would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Leo West

Emerald Environmental Technologies Ltd. provide quick and effective asbestos removal and transport at a competitive price. Call us for a free quote.

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